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Best practise: This is how denim stays beautiful for a long time!

  1. Denims, even if they are already pre-washed, should be washed prior to use or cutting. This way, excess dye, finish, etc. wash out, the material takes on its final size and gets softer. Denim usually shrinks by one to five percent.
  2. In order to make the washing process as gentle as possible for the fabric, jeans fabrics should be washed only at 30° C in the gentle cycle. Some washing machines have special programs for jeans or dark fabrics.
  3. To avoid so-called washing strips, the machine should be filled loosely and spin-dried at a low number of rotations (600 to 800 R/min).
  4. Dry the fabric lying. A laundry dryer extracts color from the fabric.
  5. Use detergent without bleach. For dark blue/black fabrics best use one for dark/black clothes.
  6. You should not use fabric softener for denim fabrics with elasthane as this can damage the synthetic fibers and the material may wear out.


Help! My jeans fabric bleads too much! What can I do?

Dark denim fabrics typically bleed out excess color in the beginning, especially when wet. If that is the case you can easily fix the colour yourself:

If you want to fix the colour, you can soak the fabric, before or after processing, e.g. in a mixture of about 3 liters of water, 250 ml of vinegar essence and 150 g of table salt for at least 1 hour, better over night.


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