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Jeans fabrics sold by the meter made of pure cotton or as stretch denim with elastane

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Organic denim, black blue, preshrunk (8.2 oz)
Inventory level:1 to 4 days
Shipping time:  1 to 4 days
Special price 11,00 EUR 15 %22,00 EUR per metre
incl. 19 % VAT excl. Shipping costs

order unit: 0.5 m
Organic denim, indigo blue (13.3 oz)
Inventory level:1 to 4 days
Shipping time:  1 to 4 days
from 9,50 EUR19,00 EUR per metre
incl. 19 % VAT excl. Shipping costs

order unit: 0.5 m
Show 1 to 2 (of in total 2 products)
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Quality jeans fabrics vor your sewing project

Are you looking for high-quality denim fabrics for your next sewing idea? Then you found the right spot! I offer durable denim fabrics from super lightweight denim fabrics at just 3.5 oz for shirts or blouses to heavy denims at over 13 oz. All fabrics are Oeko-Tex 100 certified; two denims are even organic.

Whether you want to sew classic jeans, a trendy jacket or a cool bag, you will find the right fabric with me! Most of my denim fabrics are of pure cotton. The stretch denims are made with a low percentage of elastane.

These fabrics ensure a good fit, they are comfortable to wear and easy to care for. In addition, these fabrics are robust and durable, so that you can enjoy your self-sewn creations for a long time. Order your quality denim fabrics now!

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Cuts in 0.5 m units

I offer premium fabrics by the metre in order units of 0.5 m in length, so that you can order the required length of fabric as precisely as possible. Fabrics are cut as one piece, stock availability permitting.

The fabric width and weight (grammage) can be found in the respective product descriptions. When calculating the fabric, remember that denim fabrics usually shrink a little the first time they are washed. It is therefore advisable to gently pre-wash fabrics before cutting them.

How to wash denim

By the way: fabrics that can only be ordered on request at the moment, or that I don't have the amount of fabric you want in stock, I can usually reorder for you within a week.

Proven jeans fabrics

All denim fabrics that you can buy online in my MOORE STOFFE Store, I use for my fashion label MOORE DENIM, too.

Profit from my experience and my know-how in treatment of denims. Here, you can purchase these fabrics exclusively!

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But why is denim so special?

Genuine denim is a strong and very robust fabric. I advise against jeans imitations made entirely of synthetic fibers or cotton blends with a high proportion of synthetic fibers. You save not only in price, but also in comfort and durability.

The denim's signature color pattern is the result of the weaving and dyeing technique: it's made from cotton with a chain effect of diagonal lines that ascend from left to right.

Only the vertical thread, the warp, is dyed, while the horizontal thread, the weft, retains its natural white color. The special character of the dye also means that when it is immersed in the indigo, only the mantle of the thread is dyed, while the inside remains white.

This also explains why jeans lighten as they wear: the sheath of the thread is damaged, revealing the white core.

This typical characteristic of jeans also often causes blue hands from dark blue denim fabrics that have not yet or only rarely been washed. But there is a workaround:

fix colour
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